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San Juan Taxi Services

San Juan Airport Taxi & Transportation Services


Taxi From San Juan To The Bio Bay Tours In Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Round Trip $170
Each Way $90
San Juan Inculdes Condado, Isla Verde, And Ocean Park
Taxi From Old San Juan To Kayak Village is $100 ea way
Prices if 1-6ppl, NOT Per Person


​From San Juan (Condado, Isla Verde, and Ocean Park) to Bio Bay Tours in Fajardo:

    • Round Trip: $170

    • Each Way: $90

    • From Old San Juan to Kayak Village (presumably near the Bio Bay Tours):

      • Each Way: $100

      • Round Trip $185

These prices are for 1-6 people in the taxi, not per person. So, if you're traveling alone or in a group of up to 6 people, these are the costs you can expect to pay for transportation between these locations.

It's important to confirm these prices with a local taxi service or provider to ensure accuracy, as prices can vary and may change over time.

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